19th of  August, 11.00h and 14.00h – Concerts at Grachtenfestival Amsterdam. More info

19th of September, 20.00h – CD release ‘Traveling light’ in Splendor, Amsterdam

8th of October – St Niklas. Concert with Severin von Eckhardstein – date will change




10th of June –  Concert at Kamermuziekfestival De Paltz

4-6th of April – CD recording with TRPTK – Haarlem


17 September – 11.00h Rode Loper Concert, Amsterdam

16th September – 19.15h Grote Kerk Apeldoorn

August 26th – Heerlen (Pierrot Lunaire met Ekatarina Levental)

August 17th – 12.30h Grachtenfestival Amsterdam. More info

August 9th – Concert at NJO Muziekzomer, Apeldoorn

August 5th – Concert at NJO Muziekzomer, Apeldoorn

June 7th – 12.30h Kleine Zaal Concertgebouw, Amsterdam



April 8th – 20.30h Goede Rede, Almere. More

March 14th – 20.30 Concert at Schiermonnikoog Festival. More

October 30th -16.00h Hanos Zaal Orpheus, Apeldoorn

October 26th – 19.00h CC De Leest. Izegem, Belgium. (Wind Quintet)

October 13th – BUMA Classical Convention

September 3rd & 4th – AVRO TROS, Open Media Dagen Hilversum

August 21st – 15.30h Grachtenfestival Amsterdam, Compagnietheater

August 20th – 13.00h Beekbergse Tuinen, NJO Muziekzomer

August 2-8 – Torneo Internazionale di Musica. Turin, Italy.

June 17th – Zuidhal, Amsterdam.

June 15th – West Wednesday. De Hallen, Amsterdam.

May 11th – West Wednesday. De Hallen, Amsterdam.

May 3rd – Oosterkerk.

April 18th – Enkeltje Turijn. Splendor, Amsterdam.

April 13th – West Wednesday. De Hallen, Amsterdam.


December 28th – Muziekgebouw aan het IJ, during the PAN-festival of the Calefax Reed Quintet

December 13th – DIY Concert Series. Splendor, Amsterdam. 20:00 Music by Ernst Spyckerelle

December 1st – Lunchconcert, Thomaskerk, Amsterdam. String Trio’s by Boccherini and Debussy-Spyckerelle.

November 29th – DIY Concert Series. Splendor, Amsterdam. With Wim Henderickx. 15:00 Music by Henderickx

November 15th – DIY Concert Series. Splendor, Amsterdam. With Severin von Eckardstein 20:00. Music by Von Eckardstein, Sidney Corbett

June 5th – Amsterdam, Galerie Bel-Etage 12.30-13.00 uur

March 1st – Haastrecht (Haastrechtse Kring)

February 15th – Oud-Katholieke kerk Krommenie 15:00

February 8th – OBA (Public Library of Amsterdam) 11.00-11.45


December 2nd – Oosterkerk, Amsterdam 20.00 uur
May 4th – Duo’s Double Bass & Cello
May 18th – Wind quintet Lunch concert at OBA
May 25th – Duo’s Clarinet&Bassoon
June 1st – (wind quintet) Lunch Concert at CBK Amsterdam
August 10th – 16th I Festival de Música de Cámara de Metepec Concerts, workshops, masterclass
April 5th – Concert at Kijk op Muziek
March 1st – Private concert in Oudewater
September 15th – Lunchconcert in the Sweelinckzaal


November 8th – IX Festival Internacional de Música y Musicología,Ensenada, México
October 27th – De Kerk van Krommeniedijk
March 22nd – Amsterdam Chamber music week
January 26th – Open day of the Conservatorium van Amsterdam
September 2nd –  Introductionday of the Conservatorium

December 4th – Oosterkerk, Amsterdam
November 3rd – Scheepvaartmuseum, Museum Nacht
October 31st – Het Bethanienklooster, Amsterdam
October 19th – Sweelinckzaal, Conservatorium van Amsterdam

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